Forget the Fifth Harmony you once knew.

The girls — Lauren Jauregui, Camila Cabello, Normani Kordei, Dinah Jane and Ally Brooke — are back together today (February 26) to put in work, quite literally, with their finger-snapping jam, "Work From Home" — but this is no cutesy "Me & My Girls" sleepover.

"It's definitely a new era for us," Dinah explains to PopCrush.

The assuredly sexy ode to, um...productivity, which falls in line with several other "Work"-themed pop anthems, was produced by Ammo and Dallas Koehlke and co-penned by Epic Records artist, Jude.

"She presented us this song while we were in the studio, and we couldn't help but vibe and love, love, love the track. Just how simple it's so beautiful," Dinah explains. "It's just something to chill and vibe to — not too crazy, not so in-your-face. I think 'Worth It' was so hype — we love, love, loved the vibe and we were getting so much energy that now we want to chill."

"And especially to have frickin' Ty Dolla $ign makes it more special!" she adds.

The construction-themed, choreography-filled video — yes, go grab your cement mixer and "Sledgehammer" (!) — finds the girls teaming up once again with Director X, who came up with the video's concept, complete with shirtless construction workers with glistening bods. (For fans of Ciara's own "Work," you'll no doubt notice some aesthetic similarities.)

"We fell in love with the way he presented it...that was actually a lot of fun to be dressed in something else instead of glammed up and everything," she gushes. We kind of got down and dirty wearing overalls and shorts. Putting in work."

To be fair, it was still a pretty glammed up situation: "We kind of started off late because of my hair," she admits.

"Work From Home" is the first taste of what's to come from 7/27, Fifth Harmony's follow-up to their 2015 debut — and no, 7/27 is not a release date. It's a special number. (The album arrives on May 20, actually — it's up for pre-order today.)

"While we were searching for a name to complete this album, it was creepy because '27' just kept popping up. Like, Mani would go to a restaurant and 27 would be her buzzer. I would exit a freeway...27. One of our rooms would be 27. All these little things. We were thinking 'Wow, is this a sign or something?' We were formed on the 27th — and we thought that had even more of a meaning."

And so, the girls decided to embrace the recurring signs. "I think personally for me, I didn't think there was a word to describe this album," Dinah says. "There's been a lot of growth from 7/27 until now."

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The girls also opted to go a different route with their look.

"We shot one of our photo shoots in the desert with Sasha. She's just such an amazing photographer," Dinah says. "We also wanted to do not something typical. Like, we're not in the studio taking pictures against a brick wall. We wanted to try something totally different and totally left-field that people weren't expecting."

And yes, there's more to that imagery than just the cover: "The desert scene will basically give you a hint of what's to come with this album," she reveals.

"There's still secrets. We're trying to hold onto as much as possible. Definitely stay tuned. That's all I can say. I'm so sorry!" Dinah teases en route to the airport.

And just like that, the girls are off to go put in work, work, work.

"Work From Home" is out now.

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