Driving to work every day can be one of the most calming, important, and insightful times in your day. I know I love to take this time to be happy for another day, prepare myself for the day ahead, and to take in everything around me. In the past few months due to all the construction, I have decided to start taking one route to work and another route home to avoid traffic.

On this new route, I've become accustomed to the changes that have been made to the neighborhood where I used to reside in Kalamazoo. The Edison neighborhood seems to be changing by the month but always progressing. There has been a subtle addition that I ride past every day and it always catches my eye. It's not something that's out in the open, I would consider it to be a hole in the wall, but there are ALWAYS people there.

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I'm not much of a coffee drinker and I'm also really bad at eating breakfast in the morning so I'm pleasantly surprised that this place has continued to catch my eye. Fido Motors Cafe is located on both Stockbridge avenue and Fulford Street, which is the most perfect and unorthodox location for an unorthodox coffee shop. Fido Motors is located on a bend that's similar to a corner and it's where Stockbridge avenue turns into Fulford street.

The shop is located in a part of a refurbished building and is tucked away from the road, the only thing that lets you know it is there are the cars in the parking lot, and the large sign they had installed on the side of the building. The sign is grey and black, with a little bit of red, and says coffee in large vertical letters. Underneath coffee, the sign says Fido Motors Cafe.

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