Faygo has been known to get love from all sorts of people in the spotlight. Most notably, Detroit's own Insane Clown Posse's support for the brand has spanned their 30 year career, but it's not just the wicked clownz who show love, as Billie Eilish was swigging some in her new video 'Lost Cause." The 18 years old singer can be seen partying with her friends in the video, when the kitchen scene displays a big selection of Faygo Orange pop in bottles lined up on the kitchen counter.

Faygo was made aware of their brand being in the video, as Faygo Marketing Manager Dawn Burch told Freep:

We’ve had a few artists feature or include Faygo in a variety of ways. We don’t know yet how Billie Eilish knows about the brand, but would love to find out! Faygo isn’t a big brand on the West Coast, so it’s very cool that she knows about us and decided to include Faygo.

This is one of the recent trends that's growing by having the Faygo brand attached to artists' media, like performers like Lil Mosey released his song 'Blueberry Faygo'. With Billie now on the Faygo train, let's pair her music video outfits with the most suitable flavors out there:

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Billie Eilish As Faygo Flavors

Billie Eilish included a bunch of Faygo pop in her music video for "Lost Cause," so I paired her from a bunch of her videos with Faygo flavors that suit the outfit. Here's what we came up with:






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