As we get to the end of Fall and you start thinking about the cold and snow, a heads up from the Old and New Farmer's Almanacs as it calls for both a warm and cold winter. How's that you say? I'm not keen on how they measure these things but the Farmers' Almanac is calling for a cold winter.

The Detroit Free Press caught up with the writer of the Farmer's Almanac website, who said, “We start talking about the snows in the later part of November.” There will also be a number of snowstorms predicted for the end of November and December, with several storms forecast for March. Meanwhile, there is the Old Farmer's Almanac, which makes separate forecasts, has predicted "above-normal temperatures" in most areas of the country.

I personally think that this is going to be a cold and snowy winter, only because the last three have been fairly calm and easy. So usually when we have a few good winters, there is usually a bad one to offset. Which kind of winter do you think we will have?

But you can read more on the each forecast here.


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