Behold! The power of Facebook!

Monday afternoon, Dawn Prawdzik was in a rollover crash on 96 westbound near Eagle and lost her golden retriever, Hannah, when she got out of the car and took off. Prawdzik was taken to Sparrow Hospital and could not go look for her dog, so she enlisted the help of her sister, who in turn enlisted the help of Facebook.

Cindy Eaton, Prawdzik's sister posted on Facebook about the situation asking for help in finding Hannah and Waverly Animal Hospital in Lansing did the same. That post resulted in 11,000 shares and tons of volunteers helping to search for Hannah. She was later found about a mile and a half from where she disappeared by the Eagle exit by two Good Samaritans who took their own golden to try to lure Hannah in. She has since been reunited with her owner and is resting comfortably after getting the OK by the veterinarian. What an awesome ending to what could have been a more tragic story!