We had a quite a few dry days, and if you garden or grass is looking dry or wimpy then it will get some much needed rain in the coming days. I know I had to water my garden everyday over the last two weeks, and even watered my grass a time or two so I welcome this upcoming rain.

According to MLive, the NOAA models and other weather models are showing that much of the mitten will be getting at least an inch of rain over the next week. For our area we are expected to see 1.5 inches of rain to as much as 3 inches of rain now through next Saturday.  Southeastern Michigan will getting more rain as rain is expected to move through there today during the day, it will avoid the Lansing area though.

You might also be watching Hurricane Laura, which has made landfall early Thursday morning, and wondering if it will be coming up to us. It doesn't look like we will be getting any storms related to the hurricane. The reason for this is that the jet stream is going to push the storm south east and instead we will be seeing cooler temperatures next week. This is good news as we have had some hot and humid days this week and next week should be in the 70s with less humidity, full ten days forecast here.

You can put the hose away for today and tomorrow but you might need it back on Sunday. More about it here. 

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