In a ironic and strange twist of fate, what he said is exactly what he should have done.

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Scratch that. He shouldn't have been very, very careful.

He shouldn't have said it at all.

Not like that.

He's got history, the Hall of Fame, and he should have known better.

I was at Comerica Park on Friday (with thousands of other Tiger baseball fans) waiting for Miggy to hit his 500th.

McConnell Adams TSM Lansing
McConnell Adams TSM Lansing

Nothing doing.

Repeat through the series with Cleveland.

Repeat into the series with the Angels.

And Tuesday night, that's what we should have been focused on.

Miggy trying to get that magical homer.

But things went bad. Horribly bad. Not on the mound, not on the field, and not even with Miggy not getting his 500th hit.

In a week of baseball that had us all waiting for that homer and even the magical Field of Dreams game...


This happened in the broadcast booth.

And it came from the lips of a hall of famer.

Below is the video of the offending comment (and his immediate apology afterwards).

***Warning: Offensive remarks made during the broadcast are contained in this video.***

Either he realized his gaffe right away or someone on staff told him. He was back on the mic immediately. And then you can hear later in the 2nd half of his apology that he knows he's in trouble.

Bally Sports acted quickly, swiftly, and for Morris...indefinitely.

I legit was swept up in something last week that I hadn't been in a very long time. I was a baseball fan again. I work with a guy who told me that while watching that Field of Dreams game, that 10 minute opening segment almost had him in tears.

I was like a little kid at my fist ball game all over again when I stepped foot into Comerica Park for my first Tigers game last Friday. Previous to that, I had been to THE Tiger Stadium on the corner of Michigan and Trumbull several times before. My fondest memory was when I was a little kid sitting in the bleachers with my dad and I saw the one and only Reggie Jackson in the on deck circle. That was an amazing memory for me.

Last week was amazing. I even went to a Lugnuts game on Saturday because I wanted and needed more baseball in my life.

I hadn't felt like that in a while.

I've been watching to see when Miggy was going to get 500 even if it wasn't with me in the stands.

Instead I get this former Tiger. Not in a uniform but in the booth. Saying what he said in the accent that he used.

And all that excitement within me was gone.

Just like that.

You have to be careful Jack.

You know the rest.

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