General Mills says the 10 million pounds of its flour recalled over a possible link to an E. coli outbreak in 20 states largely was produced at the company's Kansas City, Missouri, plant.

The recall announced Tuesday is for several varieties of Gold Medal and Signature Kitchens flour that were sold. The company has said 38 people were sickened by the flour over the last 6 months and 4 new cases were just found in Michigan

Eating flour isn't the only way to get sick as you have to make sure if you have used it before all of your baking items (bowls, utensils, ect) are clean as you can still get sick.

If you have recalled flour.....throw it away unless its not open then check with your local grocery store cause most are taking the recalled product back.

Check for symptoms, such as abdominal cramps cause E. Coli will show up two days to a week later after getting infected.

Here is official link to the General Mills website with all of the products on recall.