Have you ever tossed a pumpkin? How about from a catapult? Cause it will happen this weekend. The Baker College of Jackson (2800 Springport Road) will let you throw one at its annual “Pumpkin Fling” from 11 AM to 2 PM Saturday, Oct. 26. This event is free and for everyone, but they encourage you to not only wear your costume but to bring a pumpkin (around 5 lbs). If you bring a pumpkin, then you can watch as it gets launched from a catapult for a small donation. The launchers are designed and built by Baker College engineering students. By the way, according to MLive, the record for a pumpkin launch is just under 4,695 feet, so we shall see if anyone else can launch a pumpkin close to or over a mile.

There will also be other scientific activities like a haunted lab and slime-making station, as well as a really fun game for the kids as they can go climbing through haystacks to search for candy.

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