There are Christmas classics and there are the folks that make and perform those classics that stand out year after year after year.

From Mariah to Elvis, The Jackson 5 to Bing Crosby, new favorites Pentatonix to Burl Ives.

But when it comes to orchestral playing, large bands, and grandiose performances you really only have two performers that are the top tier.

One is the world famous TSO and the other has to be the one and only Mannheim Steamroller.

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Would you believe their first Christmas album "Mannheim Steamroller Christmas" is 35 years old?

Take a look at their video from 1984 for "Deck the Halls".

Feels like someone spiked the eggnog huh?

These folks have been touring for years and years playing their amazing brand of holiday favorites all over the world.

Sadly, 2020 and the pandemic has put a stop to that this year. However Mannheim Steamroller still wants you to enjoy their amazing Christmas music, celebrate, and share in the holiday spirit.

Enter below to win a Mannheim Steamroller Christmas Gift Pack.

•    A copy of the RECENTLY REMASTERED “Mannheim Steamroller Christmas” CD.   
 It features such classics as “Deck The Halls,” “God Rest Ye, Merry Gentlemen” and “Stille Nacht (Silent Night)” among others.
•  In addition to the CD you also receive 24 ounces of Mannheim Steamroller's ONE OF A KIND  -  CINNAMON HOT CHOCOLATE MIX.
•  Courtesy of American Gramaphone Records.

Fill out the form below. We'll randomly be selecting winners between now and December 13th. If you are randomly chosen as a winner, you would have to come pick up your prize. We have Covid-19 mitigation in place and it would be curbside pickup. You would be provided with a number to call to let us know you're coming to pick up your prize, you would call once you got to the station, and we would bring out your prize to you. We'll let you know everything if you're a winner of one of our gift packs.

We want to keep you safe and give you some holiday cheer from Mannheim Steamroller and American Gramaphone Records.
Merry Christmas and good luck.

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