Let me just say, as someone who is very likely to run away if a full-grown duck came towards me I absolutely LOVE little ducklings!

I grew up on a lake and my favorite part of the year was in the spring or early summer when all the ducks, swans and geese would have their babies and all swim around the lake with their little ducklings following behind.

My aunt would also always get my little cousins baby ducks for Easter as they had a pond behind their house and I was always so jealous that now that my boyfriend and I will have a pond in our yard, I have permission to get duckies and I'm so excited.

That's why I can't imagine the horror that would be having your little duck babies got stuck somewhere like a well...or a catch basin like what happened to these ducklings in East Lansing.

According to WILX News 10, the 13 ducklings were found at the corner of Saginaw Street and Alton Road where the East Lansing Department of Public Works employees were able to fish them out of where they were trapped and got them back to their mama duck.

DPW to the rescue! Today, #EastLansing Department of Public Works employees rescued 13 ducklings that were found in a catch basin at the corner of Saginaw Street and Alton Road. #WeLoveOurDPW

Posted by The City of East Lansing on Tuesday, April 13, 2021

If you do come across some abandoned baby animals, the Michigan DNR suggests you consult their official list of Michigan Licensed Rehabilitators (CLICK HERE).

However, if you do have a public works department as heroic as the folks over in East Lansing that can work too but do keep in mind they are wild animals and are protected by state laws.

Your best bet if you are ever in a bind and not sure who to call is always, according to Michigan Humane, the Department of Natural Resources (DNR) office or the DNR's Wildlife Department at (517) 373-1263.

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