I can't be the only one still uncomfortable with self-driving cars, right?

Regardless of my personal comfort level, driverless cars are already being heavily tested. But, I didn't know that they were already on the road. Especially in Michigan. Or, so this video leads us to believe.

Scrolling on Tiktok, I came across a video from Luke Galganski, or the_michigander. In his video, he shows what appears to be a self-driving car for Apple Maps:

Not swerving for the potholes? Yeah, Apple is going to be spending a pretty penny on new tires and suspension if they keep that up.

But, wait. Is this even legal in Michigan?

Kind of?

According to a 2022 article from landline.media, a bill was signed into law in 2016 that,

permits the operation of autonomous vehicles on public roads and does not require a person to be inside the vehicle.

However, operators must be able to monitor, supervise and control the vehicle. Read the full legislature here.

Is the Apple Maps Car Monitored?

Yes. The car, also called EyeDrive, is equipped with an iPad that has an app telling it where to go and what to capture. Operators can check the images in real-time to determine if anything is amiss.

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Can they immediately take control of the car if the controls fail to recognize traffic signals or to avoid an accident? I'm not sure. Hopefully, the tech is up to date.

The entire purpose is to capture 3D images for Apple Maps, which is only accessible via mobile app.

In 2021, Apple's fleet of self-driving cars covered over 13,000 miles with over 600 instances reported where test drivers had to take control of the vehicle. So, it sounds like it's still a work in progress.

Once the tech is perfected (if that ever happens), self-driving cars will undoubtedly be very popular. IF we can feel safe that the technology can keep us safe on the roads. There are a few pros and cons to self-driving cars. Learn more below:

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