Holy crap!

You gotta be kidding me...

Look, I am just as guilty as anyone else of breaking the law when it comes to speed limits and in certain situations I have had to pay for my transgressions.

One of the times that comes to mind was when I was exceeding the speed limit going home after work and I was pulled over and got a ticket from an officer who I later found out was the daughter of a neighbor of mine. Now when she pulled me over, I didn't know that she was related to my neighbor, but I did later on when I ran into her and she laughed about giving me a ticket.

Whatever...I don't mind having to pay up and take ownership of my wrongdoings but I don't need to be laughed at by the person who meted out my punishment...

Anyway, the Lansing State Journal has an article about someone who was clocked at 126 mph as they were going down Hagadorn Road. Now I don't really know where this happened but I can understand being in a hurry driving down Hagadorn when you have a major hankering for some excellent food from Pizza House or Sansu.

But...at the same time I think I would hang back and go a little slower no matter what the speed limit is. Especially if I were traveling over 60 miles over the posted speed. By the way, I'm not courageous enough to do that.

See what happened on Hagadorn Road here from the  Lansing State Journal.

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