Drake's run of No. 1 debuts may end next week.

Drizzy released his surprise mixtape compilation Dark Lane Demo Tapes on Friday (May 1). The release contains leaked, previously released and new tracks featuring guest appearances from the likes of Future, Chris Brown, Playboi Carti, Young Thug and more. Usually, a Drake project would be a slam dunk to debut in the No. 1 spot on the Billboard 200 chart. Not this time. Aubrey's new project dropped the same day as country music superstar Kenny Chesney's Here and Now album and the race for the top spot is going to be very close.

According to a report from HitsDailyDouble published on Saturday (May 2), projections have both artists moving in the area of 250,000 units, with Drake expected to push 230,000 to 255,000, while Chesney's numbers are thought to be in the 220,000 to 235,000 range. This means a strong push from Chesney fans could lead to him taking the top spot on the Billboard 200 when the top 10 is announced next week. That would stop Drake's streak for No. 1 debuts at nine. Currently, every solo project Drizzy has released post 2009's So Far Gone has peaked at No. 1 (including his Future collab project What a Time to Be Alive).

With touring on hold due to the coronavius, Drake is currently working on a new album, which he recently revealed will be coming out this summer. In February, he unveiled some details on the forthcoming project.

"Last album, I went high volume. It did two sides, 20-something songs, which is a lot of songs. This album, I'll probably make it a more realistic offering, something more concise," Drake revealed. "Anywhere, whatever you want, it can be 10, 11, 16. I also do a lot of different types of music so it's tough to make it like a seven-song album or something like that. Yea, I'm having a lot of fun right now making music."

Drake recently confirmed he will collab with Lil Wayne for the first time in a while.

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