I love Dr. Seuss. Who doesn't remember him from back in the day? And teachers still use the books now. Some have even been turned into feature films. And we'll never forgive you for what you did to Cat In The Hat Mike Meyers. Jim Carey, same goes for The Grinch. But maybe that's just me. Let's move on.

Honestly I'm stunned no one has done THIS before. Well, at least not this well.

Dr. Seuss is amazing. The stories, lessons, and characters (The Lorax, The Cat In The Hat, Horton, Thing One & Thing Two) are timeless.

But those rhymes tho.

Not only was Dr. Seuss responsible for teaching us about opposites and the environment, he taught us at a very early age about RHYMING.

Now what happens when you take Dr. Seuss, his classical rhymes, and then lay them over Dr. Dre beats?

Meet Wes Tank.

Filmmaker Wes Tank has taken some of Dr. Seuss's most popular stories and rapped them over Dr. Dre beats in a mashup so perfect it's a wonder it hadn't been done a million times before. (Upworthy)

And from Fox in Sox up top...you can peep the body of his work below. And if you scroll down far enough, I've got a couple of treats for you from Ludacris and Post Malone.

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Now next, we move on from Wes to Ludacris. And if you've never seen this Llama Llaa Red Pajama Freestyle, you're in for a treat.

But wait, there's more. Last weekend Posty did a Nirvana tribute. A little while back when he just had a face tattoo starter kit, he treated us to "Old Macdonald Had A Farm".

And now that we got you into all things nursery rhymes and Dr. Seuss, maybe you'd like to try this on your own or at best, read some to the kids. Here's a gallery of The 10 Best Dr. Seuss Books to Read Aloud from our friends at Barnes And Noble. We already know you're gonna complain about some of your favorites missing but again, these are the 10 Best to Read Aloud. You can leave your complaint comments, in app chat or in the comments section on Facebook. Where we might not read them aloud if at all lol. Have fun.

The 10 Best Dr. Seuss Books to Read Aloud

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