Yeah, I've shopped here before.

I used to go up to Mackinac Island every summer, without fail. The older I got, the less I made the trek. Just a few years ago, I made it there and headed into Doud's store. You'd think there wouldn't be a decent grocery on the island, right? WRONG. Doud's has been serving the islanders since 1884, so there was plenty of time to figure out the necessities needed for living on an island year-round.

Not only have they been doing it for so long, but it also happens to be called “America's Oldest Family-Operated Grocery Store”. Those who like to argue may complain, “yeah, well, there are other grocery stores that have been around longer”. Maybe so, and I'm not debating that statement. The point is, Doud's is the oldest grocery in the country to be run continuously by generations of the same family.

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Doud's is fully stocked with not just groceries, but a deli, bakery, pizza, all types of meats, beer, wine, and other beverages.

Founded in the 1880s by James and Patrick Doud, it began life as Doud Brothers on top of the Arnold Line dock and for awhile was also known as Doud's Mercantile. The store lasted for decades until it burned down in 1943. The business was then moved to 7200 Main Street, where it has remained ever since.

I can't totally recall what I bought there, but I know it was some food from the deli and some bakery items (I'm positive about the baked goods because I remember feeding some of them to the seagulls).

The Doud family is proud of the store's history and if you get up there and visit, track one of 'em down...they love to talk about it!

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