It's finally here! My favorite night of the year! Also one of the busiest nights of the year for all the bars around town. I don't think there's anyone I respect more tonight than our local bartenders who will be putting in all the extra hard work to make sure all of us whiny impatient customers will be satisfied on top of having to worry about a midnight champagne toast! So I called up some of my favorite Lansing bartenders and asked them for some tips on how to make all of our lives a little easier while standing in the long lines tonight! Here's what they said:

Don't get pre-wasted, it's not fun for anyone. You won't remember the night and someone will probably take your picture passed out in some stupid place probably with puke on you. - Liz (Spiral Dance Bar

(Regulars) If you know our name from frequenting the bar DO NOT holler our name expecting to cut the line. We love that you frequent the establishment but special treatment is NOT going to happen [on a busy night]. - Orta (Stobers)

Snapping your fingers or slapping on the bar to get my attention or to have me serve you before other people waiting will guarantee I will take my time to get to you. - Michelle (The Loft)

Know what you're ordering (in full) when you get to the bar. Don't turn around to ask your friend who just walked up what they want after I've already made your order and telling you how much it costs. (I've already got the next few people's orders in my memory, don't jeopardize them) - Craig (Mac's Bar)

When at a busy bar with long lines save yourself time by ordering a double or two beers at a time. - Michelle (The Loft)

If your whole group of seven friends can't all decide on the same shot and I've got to make seven different shots?!? Go away! You're all getting Jameson! - Craig (Mac's Bar)


Tip appropriately. The bartenders are not only working on this special day to make you happy, but they are also working two extra hours. - Orta (Stobers)


Don't forget to drink responsibly, call a cab, don't drink and drive! ANNNNDDDD HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!!!