According to an article on Mlive, a Michigan Senate panel met on Thursday that would give the go ahead on a "Choose Life" license plate that you can purchase for $35 right off the bat. With $25 of that going to a pro life charity or foundation in the state. So, no matter where you stand on this issue, either way I think there is a slight problem here. Or am I crazy? So what about people who are pro choice? Do they have no license plate option? And why is it a license plate to begin with? Don't you feel like this issue is sort of being force fed upon us while we're driving and we have no choice but to look? Or do you chalk that up to great advertising?

I'm not sure how I feel about all of this. To boot, the Secretary of State will probably take most of the uneducated blame for this, is neutral on the whole situation. I'm all about raising money for foundations. Whether I support them or not. But I don't see me doing that in this particular situation. Freedom of speech is one thing, but man, it doesn't seem that there is much of a fair trade off here. What ever happened to equal time? My original point and frustration is that the pro choice people and foundations which are probably in some need of financial help as well, aren't getting the same opportunity.