You hear me talk about Metro PCS everyday and how much I love that blazing fast 4G LTE T Mobile Network. Well, now is your chance to come check it out for yourself. I'll be hanging out with you guys tomorrow in Lansing at the Metro PCS on West Saginaw from 11-1p. Not only can you check out what the store has to offer and what kind of great deals you can take advantage of, but you can hang out with me and get your hands on some great 975 NOW FM swag.

I'll be out late tonight at the Whiskey Barrel don't forget, so this is a pretty quick turn around for me, haha. Breakfast sandwiches will be accepted of course! Anyway, I hope to see you. Just another reason I love this job and love this station, gives me an opportunity to say hi to all of you! See you around 11 tomorrow at Metro PCS in Lansing on West Saginaw!