Today at 10 AM, the governor is set to put pen to paper and we're supposed to get auto insurance reform. And that could mean more money BACK in your pocket.

Drivers in Michigan pay more for auto insurance than anywhere else in the United States.

High annual premiums are primarily due to Michigan’s unique no-fault insurance system, said Consumer Analyst Penny Gusner, which provides crash victims unlimited lifetime coverage of medical bills.(MLive)

Governor Whitmer said she will sign the bill to reform Michigan's auto no-fault insurance system Thursday at the Mackinac Policy Conference currently underway on Mackinac Island. (WILX)

The governor says the legislation will lower rates and provides choice in coverage.

For decades, Michigan has required drivers buy unlimited personal injury protection to cover them should they suffer a catastrophic injury. Now, drivers will be able to choose whether they want unlimited coverage or even no coverage at all. If they choose no personal injury protection coverage, analysts say drivers will save on average $1,200 a year. If they choose to keep unlimited coverage, they will save $120 a year due to new limits on how much health care providers can bill insurance companies. (WXYZ)

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