I don't care what I have to do. I want, no I NEED free tacos for the rest of my life. No questions asked. Honest. You name the price. Oh? A tattoo? Of a taco? Actually yeah, let me re think what I just said. So what would you do for free tacos for the rest of your life? Well, Vehicle City Tacos, which according to Mlive is a Flint based taco truck owned by Danny Moilanen and he want to give you free tacos for the rest of your days! All you have to do is get a taco tattoo. Not just any taco tattoo either. Oh no. You have to get a Vehicle City Tacos tattoo. Any where you want. Nothing like having a constant reminder on your body for the rest of your life on ho much you love tacos.

Don't get me wrong, I have some tattoos. I like them a lot and hell, I love tacos. even more than I like tattoos. But something about that combination seems a little dangerous. Man, think of the payoff though! The taco combinations and possibilities are endless! So how far would you go to have free tacos for the rest of your life. Okay, maybe not tacos. But how far would you go to have something for free for well, forever? If here was a promotion out there they gave me free chips and salsa forever with a tattoo, I could honestly reconsider. So if you're craving a taco in the Flint area and you see someone with a taco tattoo, budy up to them. They probably have plenty to go around.