This is awesome. How could the state not recognize these marriages? It's not illegal. These poor people didn't do anything wrong. It was legal for same sex couples to marry for one day in the state of Michigan. Then the fastest moving piece of government ever took affect in putting that legislation on hold and according to Mlive that case is in the hands of the Supreme Court now. Lame. But, on March 22nd of last year, over 300 couples received their marriage licenses. I remember that day, friends of mine in Oakland County rushed down to get theirs in Oakland County, who welcomed couples that day. I asked her why she just didn't wait and why she rushed down there to go do it, she said because she didn't know how long it would be legal for her to marry the person she loved. Isn't that messed up?

Regardless, the state was trying not to grant those couples the right to spousal benefits, but now they have to. Now, the state government could totally be weak and decide to appeal, lengthening the process even more or they can just do it. It won't take affect for 21 days, but hey, it's better than nothing. Again, just because it technically isn't legal to do right now, it totally was at a point last year and that is not the fault of these couples. Now it's time for the state to pony up and deliver on what they promised for that day. Hopefully soon this won't even be an issue and we can join many other states across the country in legalizing equality and letting anyone marry anyone that they love.