As a lifelong Detroit Red Wings fan and lover of hockey in general, these wins are definitely worth celebrating. However, the fact that the first of the Red Wings' recent back-to-back wins against the Buffalo Sabres was a total shutout for my first time seeing them at Little Caesar's Arena is even sweeter.

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Yes, My First Time at Little Caesar's Arena

Growing up, we went to plenty of Red Wings games at Joe Louis Arena. However, then I moved to Grand Rapids and started seeing the Grand Rapids Griffins at Van Andel Arena more. Life got busier and, let's be honest, the Wings weren't looking all that great there for a hot minute.

That's why once both the Red Wings and the Detroit Pistons moved their home arena/court to Little Caesar's Arena in 2017, I hadn't made it to a game there.

However, that all changed on January 15th, 2022 when we finally got to the arena as tickets to the game were my Christmas present to my boyfriend!

Hockey is part of what brought us together so having him with me for my first game at a new (to me) venue was extra special.

Detroit Red Wings Shutout Win Against Buffalo Sabres, January 15, 2022

Now, the last time I was at a home game against the Buffalo Sabres, it was (and still is) one of the most electric moments of my life.

That time, we were second-row at Joe Louis Arena. After the first period, the Wings were trailing behind and it wasn't looking good. However, they ended up coming back to beat Buffalo six-to-three with nonstop goals.

Of course, I was already excited to be going to a game in general but going to one against a team that I remember so vividly being a good match for my first one at Little Caesar's Arena with my boyfriend and our friends...what could be better!?

Detroit Red Wings Defeat Buffalo Sabres at Little Caesar's Arena - Jan. 15th, 2022

On January 15th, 2022, the Detroit Red Wings pulled off a 4-0 victory over the Buffalo Sabres in an electrifying game at Little Caesar's Arena. Here's what it all looked like!

I was so impressed by everything at Little Caesar's Arena and while my heart aches for the nostalgia and sense of tradition that came with going to a game at the Joe, there is something about seeing a sea of red and white chanting "Let's Go Red Wings", singing "Don't Stop Believin'" together as our boys hit the ice and do their thing that feels like home, no matter where they are.

Detroit Red Wings Defeat Buffalo Sabres AGAIN on Monday, January 17th, 2022

After the absolute blowout that was the Wings' victory against the Sabres in Detroit on that glorious Saturday night, the team headed to Buffalo to face the Sabres again in an early-afternoon game on their home ice.

Now, while we are not sure what made the schedule work out that way, we can all acknowledge how embarrassing it would have been to win by such a landslide only to lose two days later, right?

Well, when it comes to that happening to Detroit hockey fans, "I guess we'll never know" because our boys in red pulled it off AGAIN, defeating the Sabres three-to-two on their own ice.

Now, let's keep our fingers crossed and hope they can keep up this momentum and make it to Stanley Cup Playoff season!

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