On the heels of one of the most inspiring stories of American perseverance and gratitude, darkness falls on another sunny story.

Last week, we learned about 56-year -old James Robertson. He's the Detroiter that has spent nearly 10 years walking to and from his job 27 miles from home. Sure, Robertson utilized public transportation when available. But, many nights were spent making the full trek home on foot during hours that buses weren't running.

Think about that...walking to the dark world of Detroit during hours even when SMART thought wise to cease service. In my mind, I can't imagine that there were too many comforting strolls to the abode for Robertson. But, now that he's garnered national attention, and financial support to the tune of over $300,000,on top of a new Ford Taurus, Detroit Police and public safety officials have helped Robertson move to a safer location, according to the Detroit Free Press.

That's right. Now that the world, and Robertson's neighbors, have seen his story, he no longer feels safe at home.

It seems pretty simple and obvious: greed and envy continue to drive mankind. What kind of world do we live in when man's sadly infrequent generosity ironically kills our sense of comfort, worrying about what the neighbors might do to get "their piece of the pie?" I guess it all really epitomizes the highs and lows of what should be a world class city in a world leading state, and how far we all have to come to truly be great again.