A Detroit-area Amazon delivery driver got fed up with his job and abandoned his Amazon van (with the keys still in it) full of packages at a gas station.

22-year-old Amazon driver, Derick Lancaster not only quit his job but he even tweeted about what he had done.

I quit amazon f*** that driving s**t i left the van on 12 mile and Southfield y’all can have that bitch and it’s full of gas wit the keys in the IGNITION .

According to Fox Business, in a video posted later on Monday, Lancaster says he's not "about to keep waking up at 9 [a.m.]" and getting home at 10 [p.m.]," then doing it all over again the next day. Lancaster also called out Amazon founder Jeff Bezos in the video for unfair treatment, saying he could make "$15 an hour cutting grass."

He was getting $15.50 an hour, had benefits, and a 401k. Not a bad gig for a 22-year-old if you ask me.

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In my opinion, what he did is not okay, not one bit. I understand being miserable and wanting to quit a job but I can't imagine being this selfish about it. You don't abandon a company van full of other people's property with the keys still in it and then post about it on social media so people can steal everything including the van. Not cool, not cool at all.

Also don't ever complain about having to get up at 9 am, a lot of people would give anything to be able to sleep in that late, plus, it makes you sound like a big baby.

Not everyone feels the way I do though, there's a lot of people praising him for his actions which you can see on his twitter page.

Good luck getting another job dude.

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