I haven't noticed PFAS yet but now I'll be walking my dog with more caution. According to WILX, the Michigan Department of Health and Human Service have been telling people to be aware of foam on the state’s lakes and rivers known as it can be known to have PFAS substances in it. PFAS can be deadly for dogs and also for humans and with many beaches around the state closed the state is warning more people to avoid it.

PFAS alerts usually come out right now and there are some things to know about it. First that the PFAS foam can form either naturally, from decomposing organic matter, or from pollution, so it can really pop up anywhere. Here's what to look for and avoid; it’s likely to be bright white, be light or airy, stick to plants or any water/vegetation, and it will look like shaving cream.

Sighting PFAS foam is easy and you need to do it because your dog won't. My dog last year almost jumped into a small creek that looked like it might have that foam so I made the decision to have her avoid it. There are other ways for you to prevent your dog from it as there are local advisories and you can see some of them here. There are some beaches closed indefinitely due to this so another reason to avoid this foam. Plus you can alert authorities if you see a sighting of PFAS here.

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