When most people think of must-see attractions around Michigan through may go to something like the Mackinac Bridge or Mackinac Island. If you're a train fan, the neighborhood of Delray in southwest Detroit is a can't miss destination.

Why? It has to do with Delray Junction, a spot where several different rail lines come together and trains can switch tracks.

What it means for the traveling public is the potential for many, many trains, and a unique situation where you could be stuck between two trains crossing the road at the same time and trapping you.

That potential exists on Dearborn Street just west of I-75 and was captured by drone video and shared to the Michigan Railfans Facebook page:

Notice how two trains are running at the same time effectively boxing in traffic on Dearborn Street. The two tracks run just 200 feet apart here.

delray junction dearborn streetdelray junction dearborn street
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This video condenses an hour of trains - a whopping 7 of them that crossed through Delray Junction

Railfans report that while the building is still standing, the tower that guides the trains is no longer in operation as of early 2021 - a regional operations center guides trains around the junction

On a cloudy Sunday morning we are at Delray Junction in Detroit Michigan. This would be the final day that the tower was in control of local movements through the junction. The following day Delray would be transferred to the CSX RN Dispatcher.

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