Sparty, the beloved statue on Michigan State's campus, has been safe during rivalry week but the area around Sparty already has some vandalism. According to WWZM, Michigan State Univ. Police were called early Tuesday morning about vandalism near the Sparty statue. The vandalism was a blue "M" spray painted near the statue on the sidewalk. Obviously the spray painter was a Univ of Michigan fan and was trying to somehow get into Spartans fans' heads before their big rivalry game on Saturday. Luckily no other vandalism was found on Sparty or near him the rest of the week but this is always something that is bound to happen during the week of this big game.

Now though students, the Michigan State band, and others have been camping out at Sparty all week to make sure nothing else happens to him.

That Michigan fan who spray painted is probably trying to turn the trend of Michigan State winning since, the Spartans are 8-2 in their last 10 against Michigan. Game time for Michigan - Michigan State is at noon.

If you are going to the game or will be tailgating you can get more details on where and when to go here. 



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