There's a great Michigan roadside attraction that is close-by and I'm still surprised at the number of Mid-Michigan people who have not visited yet...Curwood Castle in Owosso...!

Sure, everyone in the entire lower half of Michigan has heard about it, but many still have yet to take that little trip to Owosso.

To begin with, some brief historical facts:
The castle's namesake was author James Oliver Curwood, born in Owosso in 1878.

While still a child, his family up & moved to Ohio, where James began writing at only 9 years old. The family eventually returned to Owosso when James was 13.

Upon attending Central High in Owosso, rumor has it that James skipped numerous classes so he could spend time in the out-of-doors that he loved so much. As a result, the school expelled him and in 1898 he found a way to become a student at UM even without a high school was here he studied journalism.

In 1900 he joined the staff of the Detroit News-Tribune and after some ups & downs, left in 1907 to begin writing books & stories seriously...and he sure did. He wrote 33 books, 364 stories, serializations & articles that were published from 1908-1931 (some after his death) and approximately 187 films were made from his writings.

Most of his works were written in the woodsy Harmon-Partridge park in Owosso, in his cabins up along the Au Sable and in the Canadian wilderness......and in his writing studio that looked like a medieval castle, built between 1922-1923 along the Shiawassee River in Owosso. The Michigan village of Damon was important to Mr. Curwood and you can see pics of this ghost town and read more about it by CLICKING HERE.

Hollywood and other movie producers visited his castle in Owosso, discussing plans & possibilities for film adaptations of Curwood's writings.

Curwood was determined to live to the age of 100 and did his best to be healthy by consuming mostly fruits, vegetables and grains, eating very little meat and eliminating coffee, tea & booze...but he didn't quite make it to half a century...he passed away at the age of 49 in 1927.

Today, Curwood Castle is found in Curwood Castle Park right along the Shiawassee River and is considered to be one of the most historic homes in the midwest. It has been converted into a museum that is open all year except for the month of January.

It's a GREAT place to take the family! Have fun! 

Visit their Facebook page by CLICKING HERE.

To find out hours of availability and more, call (989)725-0597; the address is:
224 Curwood Castle Drive, Owosso, Mi.


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