Yes, it looks like the stupid creepy clowns that have been spotted in over 20 states now have spread to Michigan. There are now 3 reports of clown sightings all across random areas of the state

First the clowns have been spotted in a couple of areas in Metro Detroit. This past weekend the clowns were spotted in Clinton Township. Check out the story and video 

Last week on 9/27 there was another sighting in Northern Michigan after midnight. Check out the story

There have also been reports and stories of clowns showing up Jackson and outside of Port Huron, but no video or others sightings have occurred.  

I'm sure we will see more of these stupid, creepy clowns showing up around our area in the next few weeks. No one knows if this a stunt or not, but also a lot of facebook accounts associated with the clowns turn out to be fake.

My advice would be stay in your car and don't go over to them. And my advice to the clowns would be don't stand in the road cause you will be hit (I will hit you with a car) and stop what you're doing cause its stupid and you're gonna get killed, you idiots.