The other day, I was driving home from the radio station, going east on 96. I've seen some pretty crazy things while driving, but I couldn't believe this. I was passing the Okemos exit, when I look over and someone in the westbound lane hits a U-turn and then uses the on ramp to exit. I don't know if anyone ever told them this, but this isn't a game of Mario Kart, you can't just make up your own rules on the road.

I decided to ask some of our listeners if they had any crazy driving stories. Here's some of the wildest things they've seen on the road...

Crazy Listener Driving Stories

I wasn't driving when this happened, but I actually stopped traffic once because three dogs got loose and we're about to run into oncoming traffic and were hidden by some trees. Now that I look back, this probably wasn't the smartest idea considering I didn't look both ways, but I ran into the middle of the street to stop traffic for these dogs. I was able to grab one and hand it off to my Mom and ended up chasing the other two for blocks afraid they'd get hit by a car. The owner of the dogs eventually came to help. When we got them into the car, they just drove off. No "thank you for trying to save my dogs." or anything. But whatever, all that matters is that they're safe.

Have you ever wondered who the most aggressive drivers are? According to AAA, men are more aggressive than women when driving, and younger drivers are more aggressive than older drivers. Here's their statistics from 2019...

"Drove 15 mph over the speed limit on a freeway: Men, 52 percent; women, 44.6 percent.

Followed a vehicle closely to prevent another vehicle from merging: Men, 37,9 percent; women, 29.3 percent.

Made a rude gesture: Men, 32.2 percent; women 28 percent."

What's the wildest thing you've ever seen happen on the road? Download the app and send us a message!

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