Evidently, some local townsfolk believe their community of Winn has a monster in its midst. Reminiscent of a Bigfoot, it's described as a large, dark, slovenly creature on two legs and resides in the nearby cornfields. This creature has been reported as emerging from the corn stalks and scaring people who drive down the lonely dirt stretch of W. Coe Road in Isabella County.

According to a Schwann's truck driver, he would occasionally drive down that road late at night, much to the horror of locals, who warned him there was a monster who lived amongst the corn down that road. The driver admitted he occasionally felt that something tried to reach out of the corn at his truck when he would drive down Coe Road late at night.

However, his most startling incident happened in 2003 around 2:00 in the afternoon when he pulled his truck over and stopped along the road to eat his lunch. When he finished eating, he got out of the truck to stretch his legs when this beast appeared out of the corn, and stood just five feet away. He described this creature as "unexplainable, dark, dirty, manlike..." and said he screamed, scrambled back into the vehicle and drove off, passing by the thing as it stared at him until he was out of sight.

What other Winn residents experienced this creature? There must've been some, otherwise where did this belief come from? I guess you & I will have to travel to Winn and ask the old-timers ourselves.

If you try to find out more about this legend, be aware that many sites spell the town as "Wynn" but the correct spelling - according to maps and their town welcome sign - is shown as "Winn" (To read a little history about the town and see pictures of the old buildings in Winn, CLICK HERE).

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