It's not usually a good sign when a police officer shows up at your door, but for one South Dakota woman, it was a pleasant surprise.

Anastasia Elsinger recently ordered some grub from Arby's on DoorDash. After waiting patiently for her order to arrive, Elsinger noticed via the app that her delivery driver had stopped a few blocks down the road from her home.

"I stepped outside and I saw the lights and everything," the 24-year-old told the Argus Leader. "So I was like, 'Oh yes, my food's gonna take a while, whatever.'"

Assuming she wasn't going to get her food, Elsinger went back in the house. That's when a surprise visitor suddenly showed up.

Local police officer Sam Buhr knocked on her door and delivered the goods. Elsinger shared footage of the interaction, captured by her front door Ring camera, via TikTok.

Watch the viral clip here:

In the video, Officer Buhr can be seen walking up to Elsinger's house carrying an Arby's bag and a drink. He rings the doorbell and once Elsinger answers, he says, "I know I'm not who you're expecting."

Buhr then proceeds to tell her the original delivery driver had been arrested, so he decided to make the delivery himself.

TikTok users praised the cop for going above and beyond the call of duty.

"This is the only good cop," one user joked, while another commented: "Bruh, not all hero wear capes."

Others stated what many were thinking: "Are we gonna ignore the fact he's HOT," someone asked, while another pondered, "HOW DO I GET THIS HOT COP TO DELIVER FOOD FOR ME."

South Dakota police spokesman Sam Clemens told the Argus Leader he was aware that Buhr had done the good deed. "This isn't normal by any stretch, but the little things like this going above and beyond, helping people out — that's the things that we do," he shared.

As for the original DoorDash driver? According to Clemens, they were arrested for an unspecified crime.

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