We've all felt the pinch of inflation recently, but now it's impacting America's birthday.

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The average cost of your Fourth of July cookout will be 17 percent higher this year, according to a survey conducted by the American Farm Bureau Federation. An average summer cookout for 10 people costs $69.68, which is about $10 more expensive than it was in 2021.

Inflation has driven up costs for farmers, which has led to the inflated prices you're seeing at the grocery store, AFBF Chief Economist Roger Cryan said in a news release. He also cited supply chain disruptions and the war in Ukraine as other factors negatively affecting farmers.

“Despite higher food prices, the supply chain disruptions and inflation have made farm supplies more expensive; like consumers, farmers are price-takers not price-makers,” Cryan said. "Bottom line, in many cases the higher prices farmers are being paid aren’t covering the increase in their farm expenses. The cost of fuel is up and fertilizer prices have tripled.”

The AFBF survey isn't all bad news for consumers, though. The average retail price for two pints of strawberries is down 16 percent — or 86 cents — from a year ago to $4.44. Other foods that have declined in price include:

  • Sliced cheese (1 pound), down 13 percent from $4.06 to $3.53
  • Potato chips (16-ounce bag), down 4 percent from $4.91 to $4.71

The AFBF is the nation’s largest general farm organization, with members in all 50 states in America plus Puerto Rico. Its survey's results are in line with the federal government's Consumer Price Index report — both show 10-plus percent increases year-over-year.

Inflated Food Prices For Fourth Of July 2022

It'll cost more to have a Fourth of July cookout this year. We've put together a list of several products with prices most adversely impacted by inflation, thanks to data from the American Farm Bureau Federation.

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