We were promised lawmakers were doing their best to lower the state's outrageously high insurance rates, but as of July 1, Michigan is getting billed extra.

You know by now that Michigan has the highest automobile insurance rates in the country- SIX YEARS IN A ROW! You may recall that at the beginning of the year, legislation was introduced to reduce the cost to the consumer. Then why did your bill go up?

WXYZ reports, "the Michigan Catastrophic Claims Association, the state entity that reimburses insurers for personal injury protection benefits, is increasing the annual fee to $220 per year - a $28 increase." The extra money is to compensate for "an increasing number of claims, rising medical costs, and lower-than-expected investment earnings." Like anything else, the extra expense is passed on to the consumer. What seems unfair here, is that auto insurance is mandatory, not voluntary in the state.

Here's hoping the legislators keep working on insurance reform in other area to lower our overall cost of driving these damn roads we're still waiting for them to fix.

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