Oh Tinder... I am officially obsessed! So if you don't know what Tinder is, it's basically a dating app that shows you people's photos around you that are also on Tinder, if you think they are hot you swipe right if not you swipe left. If you both swipe right to each other then you can chat with each other! So you already know you're both interested by the time you can talk! IT'S ADDICTING! Especially when you swipe right and you instantly get the message 'It's a Match!' it's like winning the lottery!

So me while on vacation in Alabama decided to download this app and see what it was like... 2 days later I'm chatting with this cute guy on Tinder who also has a German Shepherd, so we chatted over our dogs and weird love of emojis instantly.  Fast forward to a night later we decide to meet up for drinks before I go out with my friends. I figured, I'm on vacation why not, and it was perfect meeting BEFORE I went out, that way if the date was a bust or the guy was a murderer, I had an excuse to bail and I legitimately had friends waiting on me! And oh, does our night get pretty epic... You'll never believe what happened to my date before we even met up! (that story is coming after I talk about our Tinder date)

He ended up being super cool, so I brought him along to hang out with my friends at our next destination (which they had no clue it was a Tinder date!). But also while we were at the first bar we met at I saw 3 guys I had already matched and chatted with on Tinder which was awkward and hilarious at the same time! One even Tinder messaged me that he saw me out! Anyway Tinder date was a success and we actually are friends now and I'm glad we went out! Now to HIS pre-Tinder meet up with me:

So my Tinder date... (who is a very private school phrat boy grad) on his way to our meeting spot, got stopped by a couple at a red light while he was walking in and asked if he had a lighter... So the adventure/fun time guy that he is said... 'Only if that isn't a cigarette you're lighting in there.' so the guy driving the car says 'Hop on in and you can 'eat a sandwich' with us!' <That's a total How I Met Your Mother code word/reference if you don't get it.... So... Mr. Tinder Date hops on in the car with these strangers and the guy looks in the backseat to him and says 'You're about to be a part of a very special night!' At this point I'd be freaking OUT! The driver pulls up to the top of a mountain downtown Birmingham that's pretty secluded and looks back to my phrat guy Tinder date and says 'Hey, you gotta iphone?' and of course he does, and the guy gets out of the car with his girlfriend and THIS is what happened next:

photo by Alabama's Tinder date

He PROPOSED!!!!! And My Tinder Date was there to capture the WHOLE thing on his phone! Needless to say now this couple's proposal will indirectly always be a part of my first Tinder date! SOOOOO Good!

PS. I've been having WAY too much fun Tindering in Lansing too, so I'm having an unofficial Tinder party this Thursday 7pm-9pm at Brookshire Inn in Williamston! I'm just saying it's the perfect place to invite your matches to meet because it's a public place and you know at least I'll be there! So you can make me your 'safe person!'

Have any Tinder stories? Share them with me!