Didn't We Just Talk About Common Ground And Blink-182

I swear earlier this week we had just talked about this. Common Ground, Blink-182, The Used...it looked like this.

And we did indeed choose our words carefully.

And before I get this all started and whipped into a frenzy, here are the details that I know from searching online.

When you check TOUR on Blink-182's and The Used websites, there is no date for Lansing in July at all.

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We were excited about the possibility of a Kardashian and Travis Barker making out on the streets of Downtown Lansing. Possibly on the Capitol steps.

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What? It could happen. That's what they do. PDA and stuff.

Now we can scratch those plans as we won't be having Blink-182 or The Used for Common Ground this year. Even though they (Blink-182) promised they would be back in 2021.

Common Ground - New Date, New Lineup, Who Dis?

The official statement from Common Ground reads like this.

So we've got a new date. Or should I say dates. September 10th and 11th. If you want your money back for those primo pit passes you had for Blink-182, take them back to where you got them for an automatic refund (see above statement).

Now, let the speculation begin. Who's coming? Who do you want to see? Pop, rock, hip-hop, country?

Do they have someone in mind? When do we get names? We're guaranteed to get two act as we've got two dates.

Folks are hitting the road and playing a bunch of music festivals. And this is the biggest one we get in Mid-Michigan.

Hit us up on app chat and let us know who you'd like to see. We'll pass it on to our friends at CGMF.

And we'll let you know as soon as we do.


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