Michigan State is also in the class action lawsuit brought on by students of over two dozen universities. According to CBS News26 universities across the United States are being sued by students for partial refunds on housing and tuition, claiming that they're not getting the education that they originally were promised and paid for. The list includes private institutions such as Columbia, Cornell, and Brown, as well as big schools like Purdue, Michigan State, and the University of Colorado.

The school year ended early for all universities around the country due to the coronavirus and most students had to continue the year with online learning, but most are suing because online learning is a poor substitute for in class learning.  Along with classes being online, the students who are suing want their money back because they no longer have access to housing, labs, gyms, and other campus amenities, which they paid for already. University lawyers are saying the lawsuit is opportunistic as they say students still have access to professors, tutors, and online classes, which is part of their tuition.

I feel like if you paid for something you should get your money back. Even though, I know that universities couldn't have known that COVID-19 was going to shut everything down, but not having access to labs and other amenities is part of some degrees so if you can't use them then how are you supposed to graduate? How do you feel about it? Should the school give the money back or do you have other options for students? Tell us on Facebook or on our app by using "CHAT" feature.

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