One cup, five cups, multiple cups throughout the day. People love their coffee! I mean at one time, East Lansing beat out Seattle as the best place in America to get a cup of coffee.

Over a third of coffee drinkers say they've been drinking it since they were a kid. Some of them say they started before they turned 10! That feels a bit young, but what do I know!

Check this out. A recent survey had some, pardon the pun, eye opening results. 36% were over 21 when they started, and another 28% were between 17 and 20. But 17% were between 13 and 16 years old . . . 7% were between 10 and 12 . . . and 8% were even younger. That includes 3% who were under the age of SIX!

Did your parents let you start drinking coffee before you were a teen? Some people treat coffee like booze where their kids are concerned. The same survey also asked how old someone SHOULD be before they start drinking coffee. Only 13% said before you're a teenager.

I get it. There are a lot of coffee options...

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Sometimes the iced coffee is what you need. Refreshing and oh so satisfying.



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Other of us like our coffee fancy. The cappuccino can handle that. Before or after dinner.

USDA Includes Coffee In Its Dietary Guidelines For First Time
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Sometimes regular coffee doesn't give you quite enough of a kick. Espresso is the go to when the average cup just won't work.

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If we are keeping it 100, who doesn't appreciate a good latte? Pumpkin spice, salted caramel, or otherwise.

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From a cup of simple black coffee to something far more exciting, coffee is everywhere. I mean a coffee martini is fine way to end a long week. Whether you are basic or exotic, where is your go to for coffee in these parts?

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Speaking of which. All this talk about coffee has me craving one. I'll be at Biggby on Jolly in a few.

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