The Red Apple Diner and Hotel in Wayne was built in 1972 on the grounds of an old lumber yard that had burned down. It's a popular place, still doing good business after all these years. With the thousands of customers over the decades, there is one guest that refuses to leave...even after death.

Back in the late 1980's, a man by the name of Charles "Chick" McGee was having a bite to eat in the Red Apple Restaurant. He was either in a hurry, forgetful, or just plain cheap, because he did not leave his waitress a tip. The waitress evidently thought she had given Chick exceptional service and was extremely angry that he left no tip. Not long afterward, Chick was found dead in Room 17 of the Red Apple Inn.

Other wait staff members and a few customers were well aware of the situation and soon, the rumor spread that the waitress was the murderer of Mr. McGee. By now, the waitress had disappeared and was never seen or heard from again. Ever since, Room 17 is said to be haunted by the spirit of Chick McGee.

The antics provided by Mr. McGee's ghost includes playing hide-and-seek with the TV remote, consistently taking the Bible out of its drawer, and draining shampoo out of the complimentary little shampoo bottles found in the bathroom.

This ghost tale has been investigated by so-called paranormal investigators who come away with no results...but travelers and tourists who stay in Room 17 know differently.

There are some employees who dispute the rumors and others who believe the tale. Either way, every Halloween, the inn receives calls and requests to stay in Room 17 to find out for themselves if Chick McGee is indeed haunting it.


The Red Apple Diner and Hotel is located at 32711 Michigan Avenue in Wayne.
Look it up, ask for Room 17, spend the night, and find out for yourself.

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