Spacecraft is a pop up immersive art experience in Ferndale going on now through the end of the year.

I heard about the exhibit on social media, and it immediately caught my eye. I'm always looking for something unique that my family can do that does not involve phones or computers. During the pandemic we have overloaded on digital entertainment, so this was a chance to actually go do something.

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We picked a Saturday afternoon to drive down to Ferndale and check it out. None of us knew what to expect. The only things we knew about the exhibit were what we saw on their Instagram page. The pictures on their page are cool, but when we got in, we figured out that the pics do not do the experience justice.

Spacecraft uses an old warehouse building as it's temporary home. The exhibit walks you through separate rooms, and each room has a different display. It's very similar to walking through a museum, but everything on the walls is moving, and music helps enhance the ambiance.

One of the first things the man working the front admission told us was that the longer you stay in one exhibit, the more you will see. It sounds obvious, but when you actually sit down you understand it. The displays are moving, and usually track on all of the walls in the room. You can see many of the displays in the pictures below, but keep in mind they are even cooler when you are there.

Spacecraft has had two different themed displays so far, Halloween and Autumn Equinox. The Winter Holidays theme is supposed to start in December, but with the Covid restrictions, the organizers have decided to pause until December 4th.

Check out some of the displays we were able to see below, and I recommend getting a spot to see the Winter Holidays display when they open back up.

Check Out Spacecraft Detroit

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