Jess Lee is the CEO of Polyvore, a social-powered fashion and shopping platform, and she is grooming her 100+ employees to start their own companies, according to Fast Company.

"Everyone here has some aspirations, some ideas. 'Maybe one day I can start a company or be a founder.' You just have to accept that great talent—a lot of times they'll just graduate into doing their own thing. So rather than trying to fight it, I think you should just cultivate it," Lee told Fast Company.

She was inspired to lead this way by her time at Google.  She was drafted for the company's Associate Product Manager Program that Fast Company says trained fresh graduates with a trial-by-fire method of throwing them into the mix of executive meetings, financial decisions, and other aspects of the Google business.

Managers/Owners/CEOs: What do you think about this philosophy?  Read the entire Jess Lee article here.

By the way, Polyvore was sold to Yahoo! earlier this year for $200 million.