Ask anyone that grew up in Michigan what they're favorite Faygo flavor is, and I guarantee you they'll have an answer without even thinking about it.

I can also guarantee you that if their answers are different than the Faygo rankings that I put together below, then they are wrong. Faygo is a staple of every Michigan kids upbringing for two reasons.

  1.  It's delicious
  2. Growing up, it was easily the cheapest pop on the shelf

Now Faygo has reached far beyond Michigan, but it will always be considered a Michigan pop. The history of Faygo goes all the back to 1907, but it would finally be known as "Faygo" in 1921. The Faygo website does a great job of chronicling the timeline of Faygo.

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The Faygo craze feels like it's picked up even more in the last couple of years. Recently a Hard Faygo beer made it's debut at the Detroit Beer Festival. Faygo isnt just for drinking though, you may have seen the Faygo scented candles at various Michigan themed stores.

I've always argued with friends and family about the best Faygo flavor, and I decided to put the debate to an end with my list when Faygo announced that they were bringing back Pineapple Orange this summer.

Take a look at the rankings below, and let me know if you agree or disagree. If you disagree, let me know when and where you would like to fight me.

Top 8 Faygo Flavors


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