Unless you’re one of the few lucky pet owners out there whose cat actually likes to travel, you know how difficult it can be to get your kitty from one place to another. Driving with a cat in the car can be an ordeal for both cat and owner, but it doesn’t have to be!

I’ve done the legwork on this and discovered the products that you need if you’re traveling with a cat. Seriously, my car rides went from non stop meowing (read: screaming) from my fur baby to blissful silence.

We’re both less stressed, and now I can bring my cat along with me when I go on a summer road trip.

You’ll Want a Carrier That’s Big Enough For Your Cat to Stretch Out In

My Tommy is a chonky 15 pound boy, so I was looking for something that would be roomy enough for him. He needed enough space to curl up in a cozy bed because he’s happiest when he’s snuggled up and snoozing. This Prutapet carrier is excellent because it has room for a litter box and for a small bed so your cat can lay down for a nap.

Speaking of litter boxes…

Get a Litter Box With a Lid; You’ll Thank Me Later

Now, you may think that all you need is one of those small travel litter boxes that have just enough room for your cat to fit into. I’m here to tell you that’s not the case.

Remember, I have a 15 pound giant of a cat, so he doesn’t do well with normal litter boxes. Add that to a moving car and you have a recipe for disaster. This box from Petsfit is a godsend. Tommy has room to do his business, and it’s easy for me to clean the pee that inevitably ends up on the side of the lid. It keeps everything contained and out of both the car and his carrier.

Make Sure Your Cat Has Somewhere Cozy to Sleep

To reduce anxiety, they say you should bring something from home that has your cat’s scent on it. This will help them stay relaxed and give them a piece of home while they’re on the road. I’m a huge fan of cat caves. Tommy loves the security he has when he’s able to curl up in an enclosed space. This cat sleeping bag from Lorde is perfect for a road trip. My cat can choose whether he wants to sleep inside the bag or on top of it, and it fits perfectly inside the carrier next to the litter box.

Hopefully these product suggestions will help make traveling with your cat easier so you can take them on many future adventures.

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