We've upgraded to the chip on our atm and credit cards. But criminals have also stepped their game up. From skimmers to now "shimmers", they can still steal you info and leave you with pennies if anything at all.

In Jackson, a skimmer was found at the American One Credit Union on North Street.

American One Credit Union managers say they believe a skimmer was used to steal card information from 600 ATM users in Jackson. (WILX)

In case you don't know what a skimmer is or how it operates, take a look.

(Credit: Techquickie via YouTube)

And just as you are settling in and deciding that you're going to stay away from ATM machines to avoid skimming, allow us to introduce you to "shimming".


(Credit: Cleveland 19 News via YouTube)

Need some tips on what to do and how to avoid skimming and shimming? From going inside to get your money from a real teller (face to face) to "how to" inspect whatever machine you're about to use. We've got some tips and links below.

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