As the really, really old saying goes, "You say potato, I say potahto, you say tomato, I say tomahto". And really, I think I'm paraphrasing here but you'll get the idea in a second or two.

There are of course different pronunciations for the same word or name. Take that famous country that is situated between Spain and Germany. A lot of people pronounce it "France" while others (and I think it's mostly people either from there or from Europe so they're probably right and I'm probably wrong) pronounce it "Frahnce". By the way, I hope I got that pronunciation explanation right.

There's also only one pronunciation for some words or names and some people mispronounce them anyway. Let me think of an example here...okay, the second month of the year, February. I think most people pronounce it "Feb-u-ary". While it's correctly pronounced, "Feb-ruh-ary".

Trust me, if you pronounce it "Feb-u-ary" I'm not poking fun at you or calling you out. Personally, I have to tell you I will always be a "Feb-u-ary" guy. Oh yeah, and a "France" guy, too.

There's also plenty of words that I can't pronounce. Okay, well I could "pronounce" them, but I'm pretty sure I'd mangle them beyond recognition. I thought about this the other day as I was driving around in Lansing and I passed a street sign with a name that I wasn't sure I couldn't pronounce. "How do you say that name?", I thought...

So today I came to work and turned this question over to our crack research team, "What are some street names here in Lansing that are hard to pronounce?" Actually we don't have a crack research team here and if we do I've never seen them because they are all out researching cracks. Wherever that may be...

So I did the research myself and you will find the streets, roads, and drives below that I am not sure of how to pronounce. Maybe you can help. If you can you can leave your response on the WITL Facebook page where you will see the link to this article...and thank you.

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Can You Pronounce These Seven Lansing Street Names Correctly?

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