Earlier this week on the new afternoon show, we debuted a daily competition between two of your favorite artists. Each day they go head to head and with your votes, we determine who will be the Artist of the Day. With that title, we play the winner once an hour for the rest of the night and they move on to the next day and they take on someone new.

I tally all of your emails, comments, tweets, posts and especially phone calls, which by the way, are great! Then announce the winner right at 6 p.m. So, this week we took Bruno Mars and challenged him against up and comer, Charli XCX. It wasn't even close! Bruno won in a landslide. The next day, new hip hop superstar, Iggy Azalea almost edged Mr. Mars out. after all the votes, Bruno had 57% of the vote. Moving on to Wednesday, we were tied all the way up until 5:50 with last minute votes coming in for new challenger, Usher. Alas, Bruno prevailed and won his third day in a row with 53% of the vote.

Can Bruno Mars win Thursday too? Can you make him our first Artist of the Week? Today we have a heavy weight match up on the show. He's taking on KATY PERRY! Whoa. Can't wait to see where you guys take this one. Heck, start getting your votes in now and listen to the show today at 2 p.m.