You probably have a bag or two, or maybe five like me, and now you will finally be able to get rid of some of those returns. According to WILX, Meijer is opening their can and bottle returns starting June 15th at all of their locations. Before you starting packing the car or truck don't go too crazy cause their is a limit on the amount you can return at one time as well as other things to know.

First, there is a limit as you can't return more than $25 of returns. I know it will be hard to count that many to make sure you don't go over but $25 worth of returns is 250 bottles and cans. That is a lot, but I have been putting my returns in kitchen garbage bags and I can put about 50 bottles/cans in there, so hopefully this rough math helps you before you load up. The limit will also hopefully stop someone from trying the Kramer bottle return scam from the famous "Seinfeld" episode below.

Next, please be patient! This is going to be a huge thing to do as return areas will be crowded and their will probably be a wait, at least for the first week or so. I would say to hold on to your returns, if you have a place to put them, and start returning them towards the end of the month this way you don't have to wait and don't have to fight the crowds.

As always though if you are going practice social distancing and wear a face covering. Also you maybe want to wear gloves as you are handling bottles and cans that were sitting in a bag or box for a few weeks. There are over $65 million dollars worth of non-returned cans and bottles out there now so this will clearly take a while. More about it here.

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