There are a few big wildfires still burning in California and we might be seeing and smelling some it soon. At the current time, five western states have air quality alerts for smoke in the air as over 1 million acres of California land is on fire. With the fire still raging and the fact that weather moves east we will be seeing some changes to our sky soon.

According to MLive, the National Weather Service is showing smoke stretching from California to Nebraska. The NWS model shows that smoke will be over all of Michigan’s skies today or tonight and continue to spew our way for the rest of the week.

Our weather this week won't help matters either as we are having two possible thunderstorms this week with more coming this weekend. The showers will force some of the smoke and smell to be washed down so if you smell something smokey this week, nothing is on fire it just might be the smoke from California. The smoke will also make our temperatures cooler as we are expected to have highs near 90 through Friday but it will feel a little cooler.

You can see more about it and more models of the smoke here. 

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