The town named 'Burnside' doesn't exist anymore but there is a small community that still hangs on as 'Burnside Township' just a few miles west of Brown City up in the thumb.

Way out in the middle of nowhere - except for a couple of gas stations and a few other buildings - lies the Bruce Mansion. The HAUNTED Bruce Mansion.

Located at the corner of M-53 and E. Burnside Rd ( M-90), this Victorian-style, Munster-type mansion was built in 1876 by a Scotsman named John G. Bruce
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According to, in 1881, the town of Burnside was all but wiped out thanks to numerous fires...but the mansion remained untouched. Since then, Bruce sold the mansion, which had six owners in the short span from 1921-1926! Why? What was wrong? What was chasing these homeowners out?

The house was purchased by John Walker in 1926. Within months, his wife left him and the house went into foreclosure. Obviously distraught over his latest problems, Walker was out driving when he accidentally smacked into a pedestrian, killing him. Not wanting to face the law or court time, he put the body in his car, went home and buried the dead man on the mansion grounds. A while later, Walker went up into the tower and hung himself.

The mansion was bought and sold a few more times, with owners dying, money problems...and paranormal activities.

One owner attempted to turn the place into a Bed & Breakfast but too many unexplained ghostly occurrences prevented them from staying.....he sold the house.

At one time, the mansion was used to display deceased townspeople in preparation for funerals.....which didn't help realtors with their potential buyers.But what about the paranormal stuff?

According to, John Walker's spirit has been seen walking with a 'long-necked' woman dressed in yellow.....the ghost of an old man with a beard.....human-shaped shadows have been seen looking out the windows and in the cellar coal room.....apparitions of what seem to be "ghost" pets - a dog and cat.....and the usual stuff: lights going on and off, human shapes showing up in sightseer photos, objects moving on their own, doors opening & closing, etc.

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